PNE is proud to offer demolition, environmental, cleaning, disposal, and recycling services for our clients.

GPR Scanning and Core Drilling

Core drilling and GPR scanning for new mechanical, electrical, plumbing or exploratory work is required on many projects.

To keep project costs down, PNE can self-perform coring and GPR scanning while onsite doing demolition, asbestos abatement or as a standalone service.

Our top of the line core drilling equipment and water management system makes for fast setup and less mess than traditional coring.

GPR scanning prior to core drilling ensures no utilities or structural items are impacted during the process

Demolition & Recycling

Selective Demolition

Our Team of professionals Dual Scissor Lift Demo has the experience and knowledge to safely perform selective interior and exterior demolition to facilitate remodeling and renovation in a wide range of settings. Whether working in an occupied commercial building within the city, a school, or a vacant building in a commercial park, our Project Management Team plans each project to safely and efficiently meet all project goals.


Our relationships with local waste handling firms, recycling centers and reuse centers have allowed us to meet recycling goals and assist in earning LEED Certifications.

Flooring Demolition & Prep

With the use of specialized equipment, our Team is able to efficiently remove all types of floor coverings, including scraping adhesives and grinding concrete surfaces.

Our Team specializes in finding safe solutions to challenging projects. Whether planning waste load out from an occupied commercial space, accessing exterior or roof top building components, utilizing equipment adjacent to public spaces or moving high volumes of waste within the city, we find a solution that meets project goals and protects both our personnel and the public.

Asbestos, Lead & Hazardous Materials Abatement

Asbestos Abatement

Removal of asbestos containing asbestos removal building materials is mandatory prior to renovation and demolition activities. Our AHERA Project Designers, Asbestos Supervisors and Asbestos Workers provide superior quality abatement services in commercial structures, schools, hospitals, government buildings, hydro facilities and industrial settings. By combining abatement and demolition activities we are able to create efficiency and provide cost savings solutions.

Lead Abatement

Lead based paint is present within many structures and industrial settings and can pose health risks when impacted during renovations and demolition activities. We provide chemical paint stripping to allow for torch cutting, saw cutting or recoating, paint stabilization prior to demolition or painting and clean up of lead paint chips or dust within commercial and industrial settings.

Hazardous Materials Abatement

Many hazardous materials present within buildings can be removed safely by our Team in conjunction with asbestos abatement and selective demolition tasks. Properly handling, packaging, transporting and disposing of, or recycling, items such as mercury containing fluorescent light tubes, PCB containing ballasts, mercury switches, computer monitors and components, and chemicals, paints and solvents is a extremely important during all renovation and demolition projects.

Environmental Services

Heavy Metals Clean Up

Exposure to lead and heavy metals can pose a serious health threat to those exposed to them. Lead, mercury, and chromium are just a few examples of materials commonly found in industrial and commercial settings. Our Team is trained and experienced in the proper removal of these materials and decontamination of the underlying surface to provide a safe environment for future occupants.

Pressure Wash LBPMold Remediation

Although naturally occurring, many molds and mildews can have a toxic effect on the human body. Serious indoor air quality problems occur when hazardous mold is left untreated or improperly remediated. With our extensive experience in utilizing high tech engineering controls, our Team can safely remediate most mold problems and create better indoor air quality.

Flooring Services

Floor Grinding

image004The use of shrouded and hepa filtered diamond grinders is quickly gaining popularity with our customers who have previously used shot blasting or manual labor to remove contaminants, adhesives and coatings from concrete floors. Our state of the art equipment does not leave behind the uneven profiles or create fissures that are common with shot blasting and eliminates airborne emissions and hazardous dust.

Floor Demolition

The use of machinery to remove all types of floor coverings from concrete substrates provides a safe, efficient and economical solution to your flooring demolition needs. Our Team utilizes propane powered Twister and electric powered Cyclone floor scrapers manufactured by SASE Company.

PNE personnel are cross trained for asbestos abatement and demolition. Our crews are qualified to install containment systems as required for clean environments or asbestos control measures, specialize in waste clean-up and packaging, and present our customers with knowledgeable guidance if unknown layers of materials are encountered during flooring demolition.

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